New Music From The Inbox: GRLwood, Cathedral Bells, Sid Sriram, and more!

Artist: Mark Diamond
Song: Stead

This shimmering indie-pop is the debut single from LA based musician Mark Diamond.


Artist: GRLwood
Song: Frreakout
Album: Daddy

This scream-pop song consisting of only guitar and vocals starts slow and builds in intensity until it is absolutely bursting with energy!


Artist: Cheerbleederz
Song: Staying Up Late
EP: Faceplant

A breezy, melody centered indie-punk track.


Artist: Cathedral Bells
Song: Cemetery Surf

A dreamy shoe-gaze track.


Artist: Sid Sriram
Song: It Isn’t True
Album: Entropy

This stirring, melancholic guitar track with striking vocals can be found on Sid Siram’s upcoming debut album, out February 6th!

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