New Music From The Inbox: Harlequiin, Galaxie, Tryrer and more!

Artist: Harlequiin
Song: Your Heart’s Afloat!

This is definitely an interesting one. Discordant synths and glitchy beats contrast a soulful voice and catchy vocal melodies to create something delightfully bold, fun, and unique.


Artist: Galaxie
Song: Phénoménal
Album: Super Lynx Deluxe

From Montreal group Galaxie comes an energizing and intoxicating mix of hip hop, rock, and punk that is too bold and cool to be ignored.


Artist: Tyrer
Song: Times We Had

Tyrer’s intriguing voice shines accompanied by simple electric guitar on her wistful and sensitive debut single.



Artist: Let’s Eat Grandma
Song: It’s Not Just Me
Album: I’m All Ears

It’s Not Just Me is a quirky and anthemic electro-pop song that overflows with shimmering electricity.


Artist: Johanna Warren
Song: Cleansed By Fire
Album: Gemini II

Cleansed by fire feels warm, comforting, and safe. It’s basically the sonic equivalent of your favourite fuzzy blanket.


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