New Music From The Inbox: Hippo Campus, Noah Kahan, Hein Cooper, and more!

Artist: Mattiel
Song: Food For Thought
Album: Satis Factory

There is something immediately charismatic about Mattiel’s conversational vocals that make this track instantly captivating. Playful synth parts and catchy bass lines add to the joy of this quirky rock track about finding your own truth. 


Artist: Hippo Campus
Song: Anxious Demo
Album: Demos I

A bit under a year since the release of their sophomore album Bambi, Hippo Campus have revealed some early and alternate versions of their songs an album called Demos I, which gives an exciting look into their creative process. The Anxious Demo has a more rhythmic, simple charm compared to the original Anxious’ anthemic synthy grandeur. 


Artist: Wallis Bird
Song: As The River Flows
Album: Woman

This track has an intense, bold energy with raw vocals and a powerful build that takes you on a journey. 


Artist: Noah Kahan
Song: Busyhead
Album: Busyhead

Noah Kahan’s music has an honest charm that is instantly captivating. The sparse finger picking in the beginning makes the chorus feel like something to celebrate in this well paced folk-pop song from Noah Kahan’s debut full length album.


Artist: Hein Cooper
Song: Hijack
Album: Underneath It All

This track is a perfect combination of acoustic and electric with 808 drums and sensitive strings, giving it a dark and powerful energy. 


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