New Music From The Inbox: Hop Along, Finneas, Tommy Down, and more!

Artist: Hop Along
Song: Prior Things
Album: Bark Your Head Off, Dog

This song is really sweet but also has an edge to it that makes it super interesting. The vocals are expressive and honest, the string parts are dynamic and light, and the upbeat drums and acoustic guitar keep it moving the whole way through.


Artist: Tommy Down
Song: Superficial

This song isn’t super busy and honestly it has enough going on with it’s absolutely undeniable hooks and groovy guitar. I challenge you to try not to move along while listening to this- it’s impossible. Down says that “The track tries to act as an analogy. It tries to show how our generation is fully aware of how narcissistic and unhealthy it can be. Yet in spite of knowing this; we don’t seem to care and almost revel in being like this,” a message he puts across in a fun way in the lyrics.



Artist: Finneas
Song: Heaven

This synth-pop track is absolutely mesmerizing with its dark, brooding synths and haunting melodies.


Artist: IAKO
Song: Queen Of Balance

This song works in kind of two parts. It instantly hits with its strikingly dynamic and sensitive vocals and soft piano melodies before adding rolling drums, bass, and harmonies. The delicacy of the beginning brings attention and appreciation to the full ending and the whole song is honestly just beautiful.


Artist: Decora
Song: Can’t Speak

This is a sweet and elegant rap song about “the relationship we’ve all had or are currently in that doesn’t fit our character.” It also marks his first time singing on a track!


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