New Music from the Inbox: HVOB, Best Coast, Band of Horses, and more!

Artist: Telenova
Song: Bones
EP: Tranquilize

This is cinematic indie-pop at its finest. The rich vocals and lush, groovy production are irresistible!


Artist: Quinn Christopherson
Song: Loaded Gun
EP: I Am Bubblegum

Quinn Christopherson conveys confidence in his vulnerability, making this a striking and moving track. He explains the meaning:  “Loaded Gun’ is a love letter to younger me. I wrote this thinking I’d never get to play music out of Alaska. So much so that I almost talk myself out of it in the bridge of the song. ‘What if I go & it’s all the same, a bar in a town that won’t remember my name, rhubarb pie to remind me of home, you’ll never make it on your own.’ I was trying to protect myself in case I never got to go. I feel so proud when I get to sing this song away from home because it proves me wrong as the narrator. And I really wanted to be wrong,”


Artist: HVOB
Song: Capture Casa
Album: Too

Darkly textured and dynamic techo music from HVOB’s new album, Too, out now!


Artist: Best Coast
Song: Leading

This powerhouse rock song with sharp hooks is from the deluxe edition of Best Coast’s album Always Tomorrow, out January 7!


Artist: Band of Horses
Song: In Need of Repair
Album: Things Are Great

This heartfelt indie-rock is from Band of Horses upcoming album, Things Are Great, out March 4!


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