New Music from the Inbox January 8, 2019: Madame Psychosis, Calling All Captains, Guide Dog, & More!

Artist: Madame Psychosis
Song: “Just Wanna Be Myself”
Album: Single
Band location: Toronto

Why I like it: A fun, upbeat song with sweet yet edgy female vocals.


Artist: Calling All Captains
Song: “Disconnected”
Album: Single
Band location: Edmonton 

Why I like it: Upbeat and aggressive pop-punk.


Artist: Guide Dog
Song: “Dead Beat”
Album: Single
Band location: Cardiff, Wales

Why I like it: Bluesy and gritty alternative.


Artist: Drottnar
Song: “Funeral of Funerals”
Band location: Norway

Why I like it: Dark and heavy Norwegian metal.


Artist: Doors & Fours
Song: “Feeling Dead”
Album: Single
Band location: Hamilton 

Why I like it: Fast-paced and aggressive punk.


Artist: Nights Like Thieves
Song: “This Broken Satellite”
Album: Single
Band location: San Diego, California 

Why I like it: Mournful and introspective emo.


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