New Music from the Inbox: Jessia, Ghostly Kisses, Luke Wild, and more!

Artist: Jessia
Song: First Call

Jessia explains the story behind this dark-pop song: “I wrote it two years ago when I was hopeful that I would reconnect with someone that I lost. I thought he was my forever, but I eventually came to the realization that he was actually just there to teach me a lot of lessons.” Her debut EP will be out October 15!


Artist: Hollis
Song: Let Me Not

I love the infectious energy and refreshing exuberance in this electro-pop song!


Artist: Ghostly Kisses
Song: Heaven, Wait

This introspective, ethereal song is about “transitions: from friendship to love, life to death, solitude to relationship, childhood to adulthood. A transition from the dark towards the light; from difficult experiences to being at peace with these events.”


Artist: Luke Wild feat. Deb Never
Song: Pie
EP: Shoebox

This indie-pop collab is the latest taste of Luke Wild’s upcoming EP, out October 29!


Artist: Susto
Song: Life Is Suffering
Album: Time In The Sun

Indie-folk from Susto’s upcoming album, Time In The Sun, out October 29!


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