New Music from the Inbox: Joy Crookes, Tora, Lauren Sanderson, and more!

Artist: Joy Crookes
Song: Skin
Album: Skin

Joy Crooke’s has such a special voice! Skin is the title track her debut album, which will be out October 15!


Artist: Tora
Song: Inundated
Album: A Force Majeure

This dynamic and dark electro-pop is from Tora’s upcoming album, A Force Majeure, out September 3!


Artist: daysormay
Song: Just Existing
Album: Just Existing

This spunky indie-pop song is the title track from daysormay’s upcoming album, out October 6!


Artist: Lauren Sanderson
Song: Girl From The Internet

This dark pop has great groove and grit. Of the meaning, Lauren says “I was falling and we hadn’t even met yet. That’s when you know you’re f***ed. S/o to all the long distance couples who are falling for strangers and s/o to the internet.” 


Artist: Andrew Belle
Song: Nightshade
Album: Nightshade

This atmospheric indie song is the title track from Andrew Belle’s upcoming album, out on August 20!


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