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New Music From The Inbox: Kandle, Raffaella, Devon Welsh, and more!

Artist: Kandle
Song: Broken Boys
Album: Holy Smoke

Composed of only enchanting vocals and acoustic guitar, this song manages to be timelessly simple sound and yet still feel huge. It was produced by Half Moon Run’s Devon Portielje which makes sense for the track. 


Artist: Everyone You Know
Song: Our Generation

This sweet track is a perfect mix of electric and acoustic that refuses to stick to one genre. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of modern suburban life. An impressive debut single from London brothers Rhys Kirkby-Cox and Harvey Kirkby.



Artist: Raffaella
Song: Bruce Willis

This song has a catchy, dreamy chorus, and is both anthemic and relaxed in the coolest way.

Artist: Annie Goodchild
Song: Ether

This soulful track has enthralling dynamics which build and recede in delightfully unexpected ways. Expressive strings and powerful vocals hold the bulk of the melody while r&b beats keep it fresh and unique.


Artist: Devon Welsh
Song: By The Daylight
Album: Dream Songs

Simple instrumentation of lush, expressive strings and piano chords make for a stunning, sensitive track.


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