New Music From The Inbox: Léon, Hand Habits, Gabriella Rose, and more!

Artist: Shook Twins
Song: Figure It Out
Album: Some Good Lives

I love the finger picking and pedal steel on this sparkling dream of a folk rock tune!


Artist: Léon
Song: You and I
Album: Léon

A bright, shimmering pop tune from this Swedish songwriters self titled debut album, out March 1st!


Artist: Amycanbe
Song: White Slide
EP: White Slide

Dark electro dream pop track with enough atmosphere to transport you to another world and enough interesting melody to keep you there.


Artist: Hand Habits
Song: Can’t Calm Down
Album: Placeholder

This folk music is soft and impactful, with an atmospheric sort of grandeur that is easy to get lost in. 


Artist: Gabriella Rose
Song: Requiem
EP: Lost In Translation

Sixteen year-old Gabriella Rose wrote this stunning indie-folk-pop track for her Grandmother who she lost to cancer. The lyrics and melodies are gorgeous and it absolutely shines in its simplicity.


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