New Music From The Inbox: Lowell, Freedom Fry, Maps & Atlases, and More!

Artist: Lowell
Song: War Face
Album: Lone Wolf

Lowell is ready to go to war on her latest track and you’re going to want to be on her side. Heavy beats, hand claps, and bold vocals give it a ferocious energy that can’t be ignored. This gritty pop-rock track sounds like an instant hit.


Artist: Freedom Fry
Song: Classic
Album: Classic

Freedom Fry’s new song is the sonic equivalent of going on a summer adventure: warm, fun, unpredictable, and unforgettable.


Artist: Maps & Atlases
Song: Fall Apart
Album: Lightlessness is Nothing New

Maps & Atlases are back after a six year break with music that sounds as fresh as it is. Fall Apart is catchy and accessible, but just eccentric enough to keep you on your toes. The bright and fun sound masks some darkness in the lyrics which find frontman Dave Davison dealing with the loss of his father.


Artist: Brittany Campbell
Song: My Garden
Album: Stay Gold

My Garden is luminous and inviting with its bright arpeggiated synths, great guitar rhythms, and soulful vocals. This talented singer/actress also shows off her amazing art style in the super cool self-animated lyric video!


Artist: Sampson
Song: Damned
Album: Dark Sky Night

This simple synth-pop track has the absolute coolest vocal melodies from beginning to end. According to Sampson it’s about “feeling stuck, and having choices to make that all bear consequences,” which may explain why it makes me want to just roll the windows down and drive through the night.


One thought on “New Music From The Inbox: Lowell, Freedom Fry, Maps & Atlases, and More!

  • April 12, 2018 at 3:45 pm

    Thanks Alan, for going back to YouTube and Soundcloud play icons… I don’t have Spotify and don’t want it. Not a big fan of big commercial streaming services.


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