New Music From The Inbox: Lucas Laufen, Joseph, Calista Kazuko, and more!

Artist: Lucas Laufen
Song: Dublin
Album: I Know Where Silence Lives

Lucas Laufen’s debut album, I Know Where Silence Lives, is breathtaking in it’s gentle simplicity. This folk music feels like an embrace.


Artist: Joseph
Song: Without You
Album: Good Luck, Kid

The stripped version of Without You from this sister trio’s acclaimed new album allows the strong songwriting and vocals take the spotlight. 


Artist: Calista Kazuko
Song: Benzo Belle
Album: Empress

Whimsical and sparse, this song has theatrical twists and turns that take you on an intriguing and grandiose journey. 


Artist: Human Barbie
Song: Be Careful What You Wish For
Album: Get A Life

This lo-fi psych pop is moving in a beautifully understated way, like a warm breeze. This LA based group’s album Get a Life is due out in early 2020!


Artist: Leya
Song: Weight
Album: Flood Dream

This haunting, cinematic track is from Leya’s upcoming sophomore album due March 6!


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