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New Music from the Inbox: Lucy Dacus, Glass Animals feat. Bree Runway, Lord Huron, and more!

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Artist: Telenova
Song: Tranquilize

This Telenova song hits with an undeniable groove and smooth charm reminiscent of Amy Whinehouse.


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Artist: Lucy Dacus
Song: VBS
Album: Home Video

Lucy Dacus is such a special singer-songwriter. She has a specificity and poeticism to her lyrics that instantly connects on an emotional level. VBS will be on her upcoming album, Home Video, out June 25!


Artist: Glass Animals feat. Bree Runway
Song: Space Ghost Coast To Coast

According to Glass Animals’ singer Dave Bayley, Bree Runway’s contribution to Space Ghost Coast To Coast helps bring the song closer to his original vision for the track. He explains: “Space Ghost’ was about a period of my life when I started listening to loads of 2000’s R&B and hip hop. Dr. Dre, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, N.E.R.D, Busta Rhymes, etc. A lot of the sounds take from that era of music. When making the track, I could hear some of that classic 2000’s R&B harmony in the chorus…but I couldn’t quite pull it off. So, I went for some of those Dre/Eminem-style group chanted stacks. When I heard Bree’s voice a couple months ago, I was like…this is it. This is the voice that can do that timeless R&B thing. At the same time, she does it in her own fresh way. Basically, having Bree on this track is a dream come true. Thank you Bree.”


Artist: Lord Huron feat. Allison Ponthier
Song: I Lied
Album: Long Lost

This lush indie-folk tune is from Lord Huron’s upcoming album, Long Lost, out now!


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