New Music From The Inbox: Lui Hill, Klaus, Pastel Ghost, and more!

Artist: Lui Hill
Song: 5000 Miles
Album: Lui Hill

Sharp beats and heavy synths, this is a rhythmic and catchy force to be reckoned with.

Artist: Klaus
Song: Blue Telephone
Album: Klaus

Klaus is an indie super-group formed of members from Patrick Watson, Karkwa, and Galaxie. Blue Telephone starts as a funky, hazy track but has some unpredictable heavier twists and turns. A very interesting and fun listen!

Artist: Pastel Ghost
Song: Mercury
Album: Cleopatra

With hazy vocals and heavy beats, this is an other-worldly genre defying dance track.

Artist: People Museum
Song: Bible Belt
Album: I Dreamt You In Technicolour

Atmospheric synth-soaked pop with ethereal vocals and an undercurrent of darkness.

Artist: Illuminine ft. Hannah Corinne
Song: Dying Flame
Album: #3

This ambient and simple tune sounds like a pleasant dream.


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