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New Music from the Inbox May 21, 2019: PABST, Hooked Like Helen, Harker, & More!

Artist: PABST
Song: “Forever OK”
Album: Single
Band location: Berlin, Germany

Why I like it: Upbeat post-punk.


Artist: Hooked Like Helen
Song: “Beautiful World”
Tragedy of Physics EP
Band location: Cleveland, Ohio

Why I like it: Catchy and fun track.


Artist: Harker 
Song: “Flex Yr Head”
Album: Single
Band location: Brighton, England

Why I like it: Fast, aggressive punk


Artist: Silverbacks
Song: “Pink Tide”
Album: Single
Band location: Dublin, Ireland

Why I like it: Fun, energetic song


Artist: Nervo
Song: “Sober”
Album: Single
Band location: London, England

Why I like it: Powerful female vocals and danceable rhythms


Artist: The Raconteurs
Song: “Help Me Stranger”
Album: Single
Band location: Detroit, Michigan

Why I like it: Easy to enjoy rock


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