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New Music From The Inbox: Miro, My Kid Brother, Stereo Honey, and more!

Artist: Carla Geneve
Song: Don’t Want To Be Your Lover

Carla Geneve’s powerful, striking vocals make this garage rock track stand out as something special. 


Artist: Haarm
Song: Tell Me What You Want

Groovy, gritty, and catchy indie rock.


Artist: My Kid Brother
Song: Pastel

This high energy alt-rock track has a joyful stadium chorus mixed with an indie rock feel which makes for a charming and catchy combo.


Artist: Miro Shot
Song: Half Of Us

This alt-rock song has an intense drive and fuzzy landscape of electronic guitar and synths.


Artist: Stereo Honey
Song: Ladders To The Sun
Album: Ladders To The Sun

This title track from Stereo Honey’s latest album is electronic tinged rock that glows with anthemic energy.


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