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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Apr 27, 2020): KNIFEY, GUM, Rex, and more!

Artist: KNIFEY

Song: “Ask You”

Album/EP: Single

Clear-eyed and straight-shooting alternative with a bright dash of indie airiness, “Ask You” is a buzzing tune from Toronto’s KNIFEY. Cohesive instrumentation focusing on splashy cymbals, channeled guitars, and crystalline vocals propel the invigorating single.


Artist: GUM

Song: “Don’t Let It Go Out”

Album/EP: Out In The World

Acidic and sinuous rock with an obvious sunny psychedelic influence, “Don’t Let It Go Out” is a poppy daylight tune. Warbling synths feature amongst gaseous melodies and expansive choruses that gradually bleach away over GUM’s deceptively snappy runtime.


Artist: Rex

Song: “Lovers Like We Used To Be”

Album/EP: Single

Sombre alt rock with a bluesy serenity throughout, “Lovers Like We Used To Be” plays the jilted lover role well. Reserved crooning vocals and enigmatic riff appearances swell into a sizzling and sumptuous back half of this dark single.


Artist: Ben Kweller

Song: “Starz”

Album/EP: Single

Glitzy and polished pop rock with a massive hook in its syllabic chorus, “Starz” presents a thoughtful and attention-grabbing offering in a high-production package. Lofty synth stings dance amongst stadium rock drums and persistent guitars, with Kweller’s ranging vocals slotted audaciously amongst the searing instrumentals.


Artist: Essy

Song: “One”

Album/EP: Single

Breathy yet assertive vocals confidently proclaim atop energetic and mobile keys in this synth pop anthem from Nashville-based Essy. Emancipating lyrical content pair well with liberating instrumentals – a medley of synthesizer wave forms and samples bubble and roll over one another in an even-footed surf of lush modern sound.


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