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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Aug 19, 2019): The Bobby Lees, The Glorious Sons, MUNA, and more!

Artist: The Bobby Lees

Song: “GutterMilk”

Album/EP: Single

Breathless and chaotic garage punk that just about wears the band out within its blistering ~90 second runtime, “GutterMilk” is an electric statement of a single from Woodstock’s The Bobby Lees. An exceptionally thick bass tone and tinkling baby piano feature atop vocalist Sam Quartin’s sprawlingly emotive performance.


Artist: The Glorious Sons

Song: “The Ongoing Speculation Into the Death Of Rock and Roll”

Album/EP: A War On Everything

Melodic and anthemic rock and roll that is far brighter than the lyrics it supports, “The Ongoing Speculation Into the Death Of Rock and Roll” is the latest offering from Kingston natives The Glorious Sons. Despite Dave Grohl-esque hollers about the degradation of the modern rock scene, the backing instrumentals are full of soaring guitars and airy keyboard chords, creating a mood much happier and a tune much more catchy than the tone should really be.


Artist: MUNA

Song: “Stayaway”

Album/EP: Saves The World

Moody and ethereal pop with an irresistibly breathy hook and broad, shimmering verses, “Stayaway” is a smouldering late-night reflective from MUNA. A subtle grounded grittiness lends some weight to this otherwise atmospheric tune – vocals, synths, and samples alike pull upward in a balancing act between neon heights and whiskey nights.


Artist: Martian Subculture

Song: “All Emotions Are Equal”

Album/EP: Single

Wobbly, bubbly stoner rock with a Mac Demarco-style flair lends to the quirky tone of “All Emotions Are Equal”. Tremolo-heavy sinewy guitars, weathered and weary vocals, and a beat so close to the upbeat it could wander to reggae at any given moment give this tune an exceptionally relaxed vibe.


Artist: St. Arnaud

Song: “The Introvert”

Album/EP: The Cost of Living

Warm and whimsical folk rock with a wonderful brassy feature, “The Introvert” is a welcoming little tune from Edmonton’s St. Arnaud. A plucky acoustic guitar cozily encircled by shy bass, gentle drums (well, as gentle as drums can be) and charismatic, drawling vocals put together a sincere package.


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