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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Feb 28, 2022): NOBRO, Carlo Capobianco, Tired Tape Machine, and more!

Every week, we’re sent dozens if not hundreds of promotional emails from agents, PR firms, and hopeful artists containing the latest releases from around the world. From the biggest superstars to the ambitious self-starters we comb through it all to highlight to you what we’ve been digging, the tunes that caught our eye, and the recommended selections that make the notifications worth it. This is New Music From The Inbox!

Artist: NOBRO

Song: “Eat Slay Chardonnay”

Album/EP: Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar

“Eat Slay Chardonnay” will melt your goddamn face off. A blistering single that burns fast and bright, NOBRO cuts to the quick in this 97-second ripper. Careening power chords, anthemic gang vocals, and barely enough time for a shrieking and flailing breakdown highlight the Montreal group’s old-school pop punk stylings. It’s a catchy beast that’s barely harnessed – pristine snarling chaotic energy in every way imaginable.


Artist: Carlo Capobianco

Song: “Sleeping with the Enemy”

Album/EP: Pray To You

A nostalgic and effusive ballad from Winnipeg’s Carlo Capobianco, “Sleeping with the Enemy” plays like a timeless classic. Lush and burbling 80s-era synths and Capobianco’s powerful crooning are backed by a punchy drum machine and thick bass line, unfolding into a memorable and emotive listening experience.


Artist: Tired Tape Machine

Song: “Stitch”

Album/EP: Thing

An eclectic assortment of loops and samples piece together “Stitch” from Stockholm-based producer Petter Lindhagen, a.k.a. Tired Tape Machine. Ethereal vocal samples, sharp percussive pop-ins, and an uneven affected melody (of unknown origin – is that guitar in reverse?) pull together this very calculated, carefully-arranged and inimitable avant-garde electronic single.


Artist: Lydia Persaud

Song: “Good For Us”

Album/EP: Moody31

Soulful, bluesy, jazzy – “Good For Us” is an expansive and shimmering single from Toronto’s Lydia Persaud that exudes warmth and comfort rather than bringing genre definitions to mind. Persaud’s beautiful vocals and intimate delivery are a glowing jewel highlighted amongst laconic drums, brightly ringing keys, and tiptoeing lead guitar in this enveloping track.


Artist: Niki Kennedy

Song: “Get Back in the Groove”

Album/EP: Single

There’s an absolutely scrumptious, ear-catching bass line in Niki Kennedy’s “Get Back in the Groove” that absolutely cannot be denied. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the song is a bop – disco-inspired glam shines through in every aspect, from Kennedy’s crystalline vocals to that shimmying rhythm guitar – but that bass though? That romping, thick, powerful, uplifting bass? It’s where it’s at.


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