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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Jan 03, 2022): FonFon Ru, Vade Aratro, Halcyon Phase, and more!

Every week, we’re sent dozens if not hundreds of promotional emails from agents, PR firms, and hopeful artists containing the latest releases from around the world. From the biggest superstars to the ambitious self-starters we comb through it all to highlight to you what we’ve been digging, the tunes that caught our eye, and the recommended selections that make the notifications worth it. This is New Music From The Inbox!

Artist: FonFon Ru

Song: “Manicure Manager”

Album/EP: Collapse of the Silver Bridge

Alt rock with a bit of a heavier and harder-hitting tone, “Manicure Manager” is the new gender-eschewing single from Portland, Maine group FonFon Ru. The biting guitar, bellowing vocals, and borderline-vicious hectic breakdown later in the tune are in tongue-in-cheek opposition to the lyrics’ friendly and forgiving content – much like heavier act IDLES pull off, but with more danceable fuzz rather than snarling thrash.


Artist: Vade Aratro

Song: “La Festa Del Grano”

Album/EP: Agreste Celeste

Billed as a Rural Heavy Metal band (note the capitals!) by their promotional material, Italian act Vade Aratro show their chops in “La Festa Del Grano”. Hailing from Bologna, the traditional folk influence on the band are made plain in this single as simple and catchy choruses, group participation, and even a balladic brass appearance mingle with the expected scratchy vocals and chugging guitars of their metal side.


Artist: Halcyon Phase

Song: “Time”

Album/EP: Tendrils

Sparse and lethargic drums, barely-there bass, and a lullaby vocal delivery spin the uber relaxing “Time” into a meditative offering from Halcyon Phase. Tiptoeing keys and a coy, lighting background voice flow like molasses in this borderline avant-garde folk/jazz single.


Artist: Rhyan Sinclair

Song: “Dragon Spirit”

Album/EP: Letters to Aliens

Rootsy and driving country that comfortably sidesteps into folk rock and Americana at each turn, “Dragon Spirit” is a catchy romp from Kentuckian Rhyan Sinclair. Sinclair’s sing-songy storytelling delivery is scored by splashy, straight-ahead backing – it’ll keep you toe-tapping along during the song’s deceptively quick four minute runtime.


Artist: Blue Stahli and Danny Cocke

Song: “Upgrade (Re-wired by HYPER)”

Album/EP: Single

“Upgrade” definitely isn’t for the musically faint-of-heart: this harsh, sharp-cornered, elbows-out sort of electro/dub banger is definitely fashioned to be spun at a no-holds-barred rager. Unhinged thumping bass, abrasively toothy melodies, and a speaker-straining intensity makes for quite the exhilarating listen.


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