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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (July 13, 2020): Like A Motorcycle, The Brummies, Sharptooth, and more!

Artist: Like A Motorcycle

Song: “Satan Does the Numbers”

Album/EP: Single

Claustrophobically energetic pop punk with a hectic post-alternative streak, “Satan Does the Numbers” is a punchy ripper from Haligonian foursome Like A Motorcycle. Meandering melodic guitars, breathless gang vocals, and a persistent hammering rhythm section come together in a grand catchy ear worm of a single.


Artist: The Brummies

Song: “Sunshine”

Album/EP: Single

“Sunshine” sounds exactly as its name promises. Bright, sunny, and shimmering, this single from Nashville-based The Brummies brings precisely what you’d hope from a warm summer’s day of a tune. Lush and lazy guitars, easy-going lilting vocals, hazy synth swells, and a genuinely snap-along, smoothly danceable groove make for a wholesome feel-good bop.


Artist: Sharptooth

Song: “The Gray”

Album/EP: Transitional Forms

Frantic and capitulating metalcore with flashes of melodic and speedfreak subgenre flavours of metal, “The Gray” is a thoughtful, cerebral piece behind the teeth-gritting vocals and wailing discordant guitar chords. Thrashing drums drop away to frequently neck-snapping breakdowns, before flipping back to blood-pumping tempo spikes.


Artist: Natalie Claro

Song: “Discomposure”

Album/EP: Selfish Topics

Rapid-fire vocals and skittering instrumentals that scamper to keep up lay down a head-spinning pace in this flowing, climaxing alt tune from Nashville’s Natalie Claro. With lyrics that pour out like a heart-felt journal entry and a dramatic mid-song breakdown that takes a moment to breathe fire before clawing back to its original furious clip, “Discomposure” certainly spans a gamut of relatable, undeniably passionate emotion in its 3ish minute runtime.


Artist: Serpent Servant Slave

Song: “Whatchu Doin’ Wanting More?”

Album/EP: Headless

A thick melting pot of electronica, alt rock, goth, and industrial come together in Serpent Servant Slave’s “Whatchu Doin’ Wanting More?” This smorgasbord of a song presents thrumming beats, echoing vocals, invasively catchy-yet-abrasive beats, and ethereal fluttering synths in a homogenous, spinning blitz of a single. The inspirations are nearly dizzying as the disparate parts galvanize into this commanding work.


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