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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (June 07, 2021): bülow, LUCIFER, Amaunet, and more!

Artist: bülow

Song: “Revolver”

Album/EP: Single

Lively and energetic pop built upon its busily driving drum beat, bülow strikes an engaging tone with “Revolver”. Don’t be fooled by the airy vocals and frequent spats of breathing room in the instrumental – there’s an enthralling liveliness to this single.



Song: “Gone With The Wind Is My Love”

Album/EP: Single

A zesty cover of the Rita & the Tiaras original, the LUCIFER version eschews the more minimalist leanings of the 80s mod source material for a glitzier, darker version. The combined vocals of LUCIFER’s Johanna Platow Andersson and guest Elin Larsson of Blues Pills lend a gravitas to the tune.


Artist: Amaunet

Song: “When You Come By”

Album/EP: While I’m Living

Shimmering indie with a bit of mid-2000s-era-Killers sparkle in the keys and drums, “When You Come By” is a soaring single from Swedish group Amaunet. Bright guitars and anthemic vocals swirl in a polished offering with just the right amount of rough-hewn edge to maintain its DIY charm.


Artist: Keys N Krates

Song: “Take It Off” feat. Bibi Bourelly

Album/EP: Single

Deep house-inspired dance from the Torontonian trio Keys N Krates, “Take It Off” is a bonafide head bobber. Ebbing and building keys, pulsing samples, and the crystalline vocals of German singer-songwriter Bourelly melt into an entrancing and bass-shaking single.


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