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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (June 22, 2020): The Bash Dogs, Michael Kiwanuka, DAVIE, and more!

Artist: The Bash Dogs

Song: “Wild Style”

Album/EP: Single

A shimmering synth showcase with smoky vocals and an easy walking-pace groove, “Wild Style” is a solid retro chic offering from The Bash Dogs. The bountiful keys layering goes so deep that an expansive landscape opens up as synthesizers sound atop each other ad infinitum. And amidst it all, chipper guitar and warm warbling lyrics float in a pleasant little pocket. Just all tucked in and cute within the fuzzy covers of endless synth sustains.


Artist: Michael Kiwanuka

Song: “Light”


A powerful proclamation set amongst gently swooning chorals and heart-wrenching swelling strings, “Light” is a swirling and sophisticated contemporary release from Michael Kiwanuka. Calmness and steadfast optimism prevail in Kwanuka’s exceptional baritone performance, flanked by soaring orchestral instrumentals. It’s like a reflective bittersweet sunset and a hopeful new dawn’s sunrise all wrapped into one beautiful package.


Artist: DAVIE

Song: “Testify”

Album/EP: Single

The bass just goes and goes, the hand claps bring that communal energy, and the simple muted-horn hook all come together into a minimal yet hugely funky single from Brooklyn’s DAVIE. This tune is rife for remixing and I’ll be interested to see what comes from it, but even the barest offering of the original is still a peppy bop. One guitar, one voice, one delicious bass, and of course one hundred hand claps are enough to get you moving.


Artist: The Flakes

Song: “Thru the Nite”

Album/EP: Single

Ah, garage rock love songs. How the crunching guitars and gritty vocals just shouldn’t work, and yet are still somehow so effective. Maybe it’s something to do with the basest of human emotion being presented through the lens of such a proclamation of self-produced effort. Bellowing lovely nothings over a 200W stack and a leather jacket just makes you swoon a bit differently, don’t it?


Artist: Regard and RAYE

Song: “Secrets”

Album/EP: Single

Sizzling club pop with just the right amount of…well, everything really. Breathy vocals, walking bass, glistening samples, glitzy melodies – Kosovan producer Regard sets up and knocks down a ten-pin strike of late-night dance music that flows and settles perfectly within its lane.


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