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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Mar 29, 2021): ’68, Tripper and the Wild Things, Oh The Humanity!, and more!

Artist: ’68

Song: “Bad Bite”

Album/EP: Give One Take One

Sitting somewhere between the lick-heavy stylings of The White Stripes and the overwhelming assault of Death From Above 1979, fellow hard-hitting duo ’68 get the most out of crashing drums and boisterous guitar in “Bad Bite”. The Atlantan pair wring every last drop of snarling energy out of this fleeting tune – brutishly raw tones and borderline unhinged drumming efforts from Josh Scogin and Nikko Yamada respectively take the listener on a tauntingly rocking time.


Artist: Tripper and the Wild Things

Song: “Boomerang Kids”

Album/EP: Single

Earnest and unpolished garage rock hailing from Hamilton, Tripper and the Wild Things play it cool on their new single “Boomerang Kids”. Driving power chords, space-filling drums, and a gravelly, grungy, lilting vocal delivery from frontman Josh Keillor plays like some of Beck’s hooky light-hearted contributions to the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World original soundtrack.


Artist: Oh The Humanity!

Song: “Everyone in Gainesville (Looks Like Someone I Know)”

Album/EP: Oh The Humanity!

Brisk punk that flirts with pop punk and is straight-up betrothed to speed, “Everyone in Gainesville” is a memorably high-octane from Massachusetts-based Oh The Humanity! It’s easy to get swept away by the pace, but keep an ear out for this tune’s snaking metal-inspired melodic guitar and poppy chorus harmonies – there are colliding influences here that smash into something great.


Artist: Karate, Guns & Tanning

Song: “Clockwork”

Album/EP: Concrete Beach

Pulsing, scattered, hazy, catchy, breathless – just a few of the descriptors that flit through my mind while simmering in the enveloping shoegazy/psyche poppy “Clockwork” from Karate, Guns & Tanning. Surreal echoing vocals float amongst a pile of sonic layers stacked a mile high and absolutely drenched in reverb – the various keys, drums, and paltry strings all meld together in nearly indistinguishable congruity.


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