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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (May 03, 2021): BLiND DRiVE, 1990nowhere, Sunshine & the Blue Moon, and more!

Artist: BLiND DRiVE

Song: “Nowhere Near”

Album/EP: Redemption

Grungy and voluminous emo with touches of heavy post-hardcore, “Nowhere Near” builds a wall of melodic, crunchy sound.


Artist: 1990nowhere

Song: “Picasso”

Album/EP: A Fever Called Living

“Picasso” is jaunty and effervescent pop, grounded by a soulful bass and lifted by fantastical synths and interlaced vocals.


Artist: Sunshine & the Blue Moon

Song: “Good Morning Sunshine”

Album/EP: Single

Wilting guitars and laconic vocal delivery underpin this hazy, lazy indie ode to piercing sunbeams and an evaporating sizzle.


Artist: Karaboudjan

Song: “Let Go”

Album/EP: Imago

Acidic pop with a psyche underbelly and biting edges, “Let Go” explores its boundaries and expands to fill its sonic space.


Artist: Kaelin Kost

Song: “Lightning Love”

Album/EP: Single

“Lightning Love” is truly as minimalist as a singer-songwriter can get – simple guitar strumming and haunting crooning lets the writing shine.


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