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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (May 18, 2020): Perfume Genius, Cissy Street, The Jerry Cans, and more!

Artist: Perfume Genius

Song: “On The Floor”

Album/EP: Set My Heart On Fire Immediately

Groovy biting bass, sprightly guitars, and crisply shining vocals come together into a refreshing and uplifting babbling brook of a pop tune from Perfume Genius. The skittering melodies and floating, doubling vocals especially add to the passionate bubble-ness of “On The Floor”.


Artist: Cissy Street

Song: “Ils nous ment”

Album/EP: Single

It’s funk! It’s in French! It rips! What more could you ask for?! Crystal-clear brass stings, busy bee drums, bopping organs, big call-and-response vocals, and a general communal proclamation really elevate Cissy Street’s “Ils nous ment” into a memorable sizzler.


Artist: The Jerry Cans

Song: “Swell (My Brother)

Album/EP: Echoes

What begins as a modern Soundgarden sound-alike explodes into an exuberant celebration in the final sixth of The Jerry Cans’ “Swell (My Brother)”. Metered drums and chord strums underscore lamenting vocals before revving up into brass-backed moans, maintaining a bittersweet tone.


Artist: Freeman Young

Song: “Running Back”

Album/EP: Single

Shifting and delicate R&B that warms up with a gentle intro before settling into a myriad soundscape, “Running Back” is a strong debut single from BC-based producer Freeman Young.


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