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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (May 20, 2019): Walt Disco, Taylor Knox, The Head and the Heart, and more!

Artist: Walt Disco

Song: “Strange To Know Nothing”

Album/EP: Single

Strange, moody, lilting alternative rock that crosses into the surreal and maybe even spooky, “Strange To Know Nothing” is a tune that’ll make you pay attention. Gothic vocals, splashy synths, and a pop of dark and twisting energy make for quite the unique listen.


Artist: Taylor Knox

Song: “Live It Up”

Album/EP: Here Tonight

Gritty and punchy garage rock with a hell of a hooky riff and a playful lean towards slacker styling, “Live It Up” proves a strong lead single from Taylor Knox’s upcoming release Here Tonight. Driving and energetic performances especially help catapult the song forward – there’s nary a misplaced beat in this toe-tapper.


Artist: The Head and the Heart

Song: “Missed Connection”

Album/EP: Living Mirage

A soulful and satisfyingly grounded tune, “Missed Connection” makes great use of gang vocals and a dedicated propulsive bass. Muted instrumentals lend extra gravity to the song – there’s a defined heaviness in this track that lends itself well to a noticeable step back.


Artist: Hey Major

Song: “Goldfellas”

Album/EP: Single

Boppy synths immediately set the tone for this light, funky little single from Hey Major. “Goldfellas” flourishes in its levity: bouncing drums, rollicking vocals, and airy keys help this song really groove along.


Artist: Autopilot

Song: “Undisguised”

Album/EP: Afterglow

Dark and smoky alt rock that sizzles like the end of a late-night cigarette dancing in the evening, “Undisguised” lets its tremolo-laden guitars take the lead. An air of exhaustion is palpable, but not hopeless: bright and pleading vocals, especially as they crescendo into a grand gang, cut through the tune’s blacker instrumentals.


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