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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (May 29, 2023): Jane’s Party, Sunday Scaries, Boys Like Girls, and more!

Every week, we’re sent dozens if not hundreds of promotional emails from agents, PR firms, and hopeful artists containing the latest releases from around the world. From the biggest superstars to the ambitious self-starters we comb through it all to highlight to you what we’ve been digging, the tunes that caught our eye, and the recommended selections that make the notifications worth it. This is New Music From The Inbox! (Short on time? Listen to this article in playlist form!)

Artist: Jane’s Party

Song: ‘Ships On An Ocean’

Album/EP: Live Again

Downbeat and brooding rock that mushrooms into a balladic and contemplative climax, revered Torontonian indie darlings Jane’s Party gear up for another album cycle with ‘Ships On An Ocean’. Frontman Tom Ionesu brings a confident yet gentle sentimentality to his performance, matched with the twinkling and buzzing guitars and soaring finale of this memorable single.


Artist: Sunday Scaries

Song: ‘Pick N Choose’

Album/EP: Single

Angelino duo Sunday Scaries produce a sizzling dance track with ‘Pick N Choose’. Splashy hi-hats, gradually modulating keys, and a manageably uptempo beat keep things moving while still maintaining an approachably sun-soaked evening vibe. It’s a warm-up or a cool-down, but still tweaked enough to get your head nodding.


Artist: Boys Like Girls

Song: ‘Blood and Sugar’

Album/EP: Single

It’s a story you millennial emos out there might recognize: popular pop-punk/emo powerhouse goes dormant for several years, only to return with a distinctly poppier, 80s/90s-inspired sound to the revery of the scene’s surprised elder statesmen. Gather round my fellows, this time around instead of Paramore or My Chemical Romance we’re talking Boys Like Girls – toss in some glitzier keys and a distinctly retro feel, alongside the toothsome hooks of course, and you’ve got yourself your next nostalgic revival obsession.


Artist: Chernaya Rechka

Song: ‘ЖАЛОСТЬ (Pity)’

Album/EP: Chernaya Rechka

Moody and driving post-punk hailing from the woods of Western Russia, Chernaya Rechka project a distinctly dark tone in the gothic ‘ЖАЛОСТЬ (Pity)’. Counterpoint in the humming bass and whining melodic guitars fit right in with gloomy vocals and a general sense of dissatisfaction in this very Cure-leaning single from the weathered group.


Artist: Big Loser

Song: ‘I’m Rubber, You’re Glue’

Album/EP: Left On Delmar Drive

Getting a distinctly Front Bottoms meets Modern Baseball feeling from Big Loser’s ‘I’m Rubber, You’re Glue’: observational lyrics delivered at an emotive belt, guitars that flirt with mathy melodic thrust, and of course a head-bang ready howl-along chorus that feels destined to be recited in the basements of suburb America.


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