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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Nov 09, 2020): Tunng, Sleep Council, BÜ, and more!

Artist: Tunng

Song: “Scared to Death”

Album/EP: Dead Club

A serene and touching ballad drawn primarily out of a piano, a myriad of soft strings, and gently pulsing rhythmic backing, Tuung’s “Scared to Death” swells and sighs blissfully. Vulnerable and breathy vocals expose poetic lyrics as if emanating from a fragile emotive core, with the tune’s delicate instrumentals arranged carefully around so as not to shatter the protective illusion.


Artist: Sleep Council

Song: “Tease”

Album/EP: Christian Pleasures

Bright and pulsating indie rock with an energetic generative quality, Sleep Council’s “Tease” is a splashy and invigorating experience. Flitting guitars, persistent drums, and a wall of fuzzy noise build continuously before imploding upon itself in a climactic breathe of release…before reforming and returning for another round of entrancing sonic expansion.



Song: “Painting The Moment”

Album/EP: Single

Shimmering and glitzy psych-pop with a heavy dose of silly and kitschy fun, “Painting The Moment” is an endearing light-hearted tune from Austrian artist BÜ. Autotuned vocals, wavering and wobbly synth runs (or is that a handsaw?), and easy-listening daytime television melodic stings make for cheesy yet welcomed additions to this groovy single.


Artist: Intervals

Song: “String Theory feat. Marco Sfogli”

Album/EP: Circadian

Instrumental progressive with a heavy focus on melodic guitars (and hopefully for obvious reasons), “String Theory” showcases a wealth of talent from Intervals and featured artist Marco Sfogli. Clobbering drums keep searing guitar solos and motifs in check as the stringed instruments trade off phrasing focus and bounce around polyrhythmic patterns. I’m sure Jack Black would give this a meedly-needly-mrOOW!


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