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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Nov 25, 2019): Ozzy Osbourne, X Lovers, Grace VanderWaal, and more!

Artist: Ozzy Osbourne

Song: “Straight To Hell”

Album/EP: Ordinary Man

This Ozzy kid’s got some longevity, huh? The Prince of Darkness returns with exactly the kind of operatic, riff-laden, gothic sauce you’ve come to know and love from Mr. Osbourne. Ozzy’s anthemic vocals and the pounding, stadium-filling drums are especially standouts amongst the choir and gritty guitars.


Artist: X Lovers

Song: “Cut My Lip”

Album/EP: Virgin

A breezy and airy pop debut from newcomers X Lovers, “Cut My Lip” is an affable affair. Intimate vocals and a looping acoustic guitar establish a solid grounding for this tune as it consistently builds into a swelling, swooning, sunshine-y ballad.


Artist: Grace VanderWaal

Song: “I Don’t Like You”

Album/EP: Letters: Vol. 1

Sultry and sizzling pop with a powerful and dynamic performance by Grace VanderWaal, “I Don’t Like You” is a defiantly confiding tune from the singer-songwriter. A creatively stripped-down piece, it puts most of its melodic drive in the lower end adding gravity to an already dramatic run.


Artist: Dead Horse One

Song: Falling

Album/EP: The West Is The Best

Murmuring alt rock with a heavy late-90s shoegaze style, “Falling” is a disquieting yet lulling tune. Droning vocals, sustained guitars and keys, and a particularly muted melodic through line make for an unnervingly hypnotizing listen.


Artist: Marcus King

Song: “Say You Will”

Album/EP: El Dorado

Stomping and soulful blues with a healthy dose of desert rock, Marcus King’s sizzling guitar and warmly rasping vocals acquiesce in this southern ripper. The killer Texas-sized solos would especially make ZZ Top proud.


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