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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Oct 29, 2018): Michot’s Melody Makers, Bob Mould, and MUNYA!

Artist: Michot’s Melody Makers

Song: “Grand Marais”

Album/EP: Blood Moon

Does that fiddle ever change things! Otherwise an alternative folk tune leaning towards the edgy side with its fuzzed-out guitars and yelping, cracking vocals, “Grand Marais” takes on a more aloof, worldly, and traditional tone with its stringed saviours. Spinning and cavorting through its 2:20 runtime, you’ll feel like the ride is only half over by the time this tune runs out of breath.


Artist: Bob Mould

Song: “Sunshine Rock”

Album/EP: Sunshine Rock

Bright and open rock like a budding flower leaning toward the first spring sunshine, “Sunshine Rock” overflows with optimism and vigour in its splashy hi-hats, uplifting injection of strings, and trebly guitar chords strumming away. Not exactly the kind of music you’d expect to be inspired by the 2016 election, but for veteran artist Bob Mould the silver lining yields more content than the cloud – and this tune is the sonic equivalent.


Artist: MUNYA

Song: “Hotel Delmano”

Album/EP: Delmano

Sleek, alluring, atmospheric, and mildly melancholic (at least, that’s how the French lyrics play), “Hotel Delmano” projects a shimmering and shifting ambiance. Relaxing synths and breathy vocals extend a warm, velvety, comfortable blanket over this indie pop tune. Like cool silk sheets on a warm summer’s evening.


…and that’s it! Usually I try not to run an Inbox article with any less than four songs, but this week’s offerings were strong enough to warrant just three. Sometimes even the wealth of music in the ‘box doesn’t quite meet the strict (okay, somewhat strict) standards of Recommended Music, but don’t worry – I’m not holding out! That being said dear reader, if you’d prefer to see more songs rather than less (or if you dig the shorter format), don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments below 🙂

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