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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Sep 09, 2019): Briston Maroney, MIKA, Sonny Winnebago, and more!

*Currently on a road trip, which makes for some…less than ideal writing conditions. Please pardon the brief song descriptions this week!*

Artist: Briston Maroney

Song: “Steve’s First Bruise”

Album/EP: Single

Moody, sizzling, catchy garage rock. Builds and breaks in a flash without feeling chaotic.


Artist: MIKA

Song: “Sanremo”

Album/EP: My Name Is Michael Holbrook

Juicy, exotic pop featuring sultry, mysterious vocals. Hazy, glitzy, and deliciously smooth – that MIKA guy knows how to write a pop song.


Artist: Sonny Winnebago

Song: “Take Me For A Ride”

Album/EP: Single

Bright and whimsical little pop-leaning indie tune. Tight performance and vaguely avant-garde instrumentation helps this singer-songwriter debut transcend the normal.


Artist: Fletcher C Johnson

Song: “Shining Light”

Album/EP: Are You Feelin’ It

Appropriately twangy country-rock that hooks you right in. One of those foot-stomping songs you just can’t resist. Bonus points for the great walking bass.


Artist: Daniella Mason

Song: “Woman Lover Powerful”

Album/EP: Single

Those are some ear-piquing bells! It’s a bop and shape-shifts enough to stay fresh, but doesn’t look sight of its empowering message and soaring sonics to accompany it.


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