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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Sep 16, 2019): Neal Francis, Stolen Jars, push baby, and more!

*Still on a road trip, which makes for some…less than ideal writing conditions. Please pardon the brief song descriptions this week!*

Artist: Neal Francis

Song: “Changes”

Album/EP: Changes

Calming, moody, and soulful. Sizzles spectacularly, would fit perfectly with an open-top ride down neon-lit main street after an early evening summer storm.


Artist: Stolen Jars

Song: “Younger Nights”

Album/EP: A Reminder

Optimistic and hopeful, without straying too far into airiness or whimsy. Lots of open expanse between sporadic instrumentals, like the music is a feature to the tale the lyrics spin.


Artist: push baby

Song: “@thebackoftheparty”

Album/EP: woah

Eclectic, low-key indie pop/R&B mix. Hard to nail down a genre really, but the emotive mood is simple. An introspective, deep-in-thought kind of tune.


Artist: Temples

Song: “Context”

Album/EP: Hot Motion

Mildly psychedelic rock, almost feels like it belongs in a mid-medieval fantasy epic. Grandiose guitar melodies and echoing, chanting vocals especially add to it.


Artist: Sleep On It

Song: “Racing Towards A Red Light”

Album/EP: Pride & Disaster

Mid-2000s pop-punk just as you remember it. Hooky guitars, emotive lyrics, snotty style. What Blink 182 could’ve become, in a different timeline.


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