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New Music from the Inbox: Muse, Brockhampton, Jean Michel Blais, and more!

Artist: Muse
Song: Something Human

The folk-pop vibes on this new track make it lighter and happier than most Muse music, however it is recognizable in Bellamy’s distinct vibrato, it’s blend of acoustic and electronic, and cinematic grandeur that has made Muse so successful for so many years. Expect to see this one on a new album out November!

Artist: Jean-Michel Blais
Song: Roses
Album: Dans Ma Main

This graceful, emotional and intimate classical piano composition is for his friend’s mother who died from cancer. He says of the song: “The ostinato, the repeating single note in the intro, represents her beating heart, and the ever-present tumour, sometimes forgotten but still growing. How do ill people find peace, if they can at all? “roses” is my attempt to reflect a journey of someone’s musical memories, wandering from pop to classical remembrances, concluding on nostalgic harmony.”


Artist: Leyya
Song: Wannabe
Album: Sauna

Colourful synths and African influenced rhythms give this song an irresistibly fun, warm vibe.


Artist: Brockhampton
Song: 1998 Truman
Album: The Best Years Of Our Lives

A bold, ferocious rap track from Brockhampton’s upcoming album “The Best Years of Our Lives.”


Artist: Petra Glynt
Song: No Consequences
Album: My Flag is a Burning Rag of Love

This is a perfect track if you don’t mind something a little bit weird. It has a manic energy and discordance that is a bit unsettling at first but it the heavy beats make for a good tether and it is interesting enough to make it worth it.

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