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New Music from the Inbox: Mustafa, Cody Frost, Emily C. Browning, and more!

Artist: Giulia
Song: Lucky One
EP: Night Before

This folk song feels weightless and full of love! So beautiful and instantly charming, with bright finger picking and beams of harmonies and horns. You can find it on her upcoming ep, Night Before, out June 25!


Artist: Mustafa
Song: Ali
Album: When Smoke Rises

This song has a heartbreaking intimacy. It’s sparse and melancholic, with captivatingly expressive vocals. Mustafa’s debut album, When Smoke Rises, will be out May 28!


Artist: Emily C. Browning
Song: I Wasn’t Into You Anyway

This brilliant debut single makes Emily C. Browning an immediate one to watch! It’s a beautiful showcase of songwriting and vocal skills, plus it has witty lyrics and irresistibly sparkly production.


Artist: Cody Frost

Love the passion and energy in this indie-pop track! Cody Frost explains it’s about “that period in your life when you think you might be growing up- when your friends all move to different areas for uni, and when you see them again the conversation is stale and weird. But I didn’t go to uni, so this is based on my experience being stuck at home.” Her debut EP will be out this summer!


Artist: James Parm
Song: You Just Wait
Album: The Art of Waiting

This indie-folk song is lush and expressive, with stunning strings! It’s from James Parm’s new album, The Art of Waiting, out now!


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