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New Music from the Inbox: Oh Pep!, Kandle, Mike Edel, and more!

Artist: Oh Pep!
Song: Hurt Nobody
Album: I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You

This song captures something so magical and so special. Minimalist instrumentation make the simple rolling drums in the ending feel so huge that when it hits I just want to scream and dance along.


Artist: Kandle
Song: Nobody Wants You Now
Album: Holy Smoke

Cinematic and blues-y pop with gritty, expressive vocals.

Artist: Illuminine ft. Hannah Corinne
Song: Fright
Album: #3

Listen to this if you want to hear a delicate, pure dream in song form.

Artist: WhenYoung
Song: Heaven On Earth
EP: Given Up

Just some simple indie-rock with catchy melodies to get those good vibes going.

Artist: Mike Edel
Song: 31

Anthemic indie pop about never getting old!

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