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New Music from the Inbox: OK Go, Cody Fry, Steve Angelo, and more!

Artist: Cory Wong feat. Louis Cole
Song: The Grid Generation
Album: The Lucky One

This song bursts with high energy and grandiloquent flair, featuring an explosion of horns and propelled forward by the mesmerizing beats of Louis Cole on drums. It’s from Cory Wong’s upcoming album, The Lucky One, out August 18! On Collaborating with multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Louis Cole, Grammy Award-nominated songwriter, producer, and guitarist Cory Wong says: “Louis Cole is a once-in-a-generation talent. He’s got a singular voice on the drums and it brings so much energy. The way he approaches rhythm on the drums is very similar to the way I approach rhythm on the guitar. Louis and I have talked for years about the fact that we are growing up in a generation where so much music is made ‘on the grid’ (to a metronome). Oftentimes, modern musicians snap their music right on the grid and it can start to feel lifeless; but Louis and I have an approach of recording on the grid, but letting the grid breathe. I think it’s important to keep the human elements of rhythm and the push-pull energy that naturally happens when we play our instruments.”


Artist: Steve Angello feat. Wh0
Song: What You Need

This new single from Steve Angello is a classic piece of house music, with passionate vocals, bright horns blasts, infectious rhythms, and samples of Carrie Lucas’s I Got to Be Dancin.


Artist: OK Go
Song: This

This joyous new song from OK Go was written for The Apple Original Film The Beanie Bubble, where it is featured in the end credits. The director of the movie, Damian Kulash, says that “‘This’ is about the unexpected places we find fulfillment. It’s about how heaven is the glow in the margins around the everyday patterns of family life. It’s the victorious anthem we needed for the closing moments of our film,” 


Artist: Cody Fry feat. Abby Cates
Song: Things You Said
Album: The End

This enchanting orchestral pop song is from Cody Fry’s upcoming album, The End, out September 15! On collaborating with Cody, featured vocalist Abby Cates explains, “I was so happy Cody when asked to bring me on this song. I usually lean into more of a singer songwriter vibe so it was super cool to jump on something so cinematic and beautifully evocative. I think it’s a story everyone can relate to in some way so I’m stoked for people to connect to it”


Artist: Foxtide
Song: Hold On

This vibrant new single is from Southern California garage rock band Foxtide’s upcoming third EP. On the inspiration, frontman Elijah Gibbins-Croft says, “Hold On’ incorporates influence from early 2000s garage rock while bringing something new to the table. The track is really a song about nostalgia, self-doubt and forgiveness. While the verses are a conversation between oneself, the chorus is simply asking someone’s forgiveness.”


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