New Music From The Inbox: Rachel Sermmani, Born Ruffians, Thighs, Donots & Keaton Henson

By Juliette Jagger

Artist: Rachel Sermmani “Eggshells”
Under Mountains

There is something inrecrdibly tender and culturally rich about Scotland’s Rachel Sermanni.

Sounds like: Delicate, swooning, Scottish folk.


Artist: Born Ruffians “Needle”

“Needle” fits right in with the rest of the Born Ruffians catalogue; it’s their classic sparse guitars meets quickened rhythmic mumbo jumbo vocals.

Sounds like:  A Beauty.


Artist: Thighs “Horse”

Oh how I love a song like this – it just has that noisy amp feedback, string-scratching appeal.

Sounds like: A little bit of crazy.


THIGHS – Horse from Jarod G on Vimeo.


Artist: Donots “Wake The Dogs”
Wake The Dogs

I actually really dig this song ­– it’s seasoned punk rock with a groove.

Sounds like: The Clash


Artist: Keaton Henson “Lying To You”

Keaton Henson conjures all the things you think up, but never want to admit or say out loud.

Sounds like: Incredibly honest and frail.


Brent Chittenden

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