New Music From The Inbox: Raw Fabrics, Ghost Loft, Left Over Cuties, Pete Van Dyk & The Second Hand Band, & SPiN

By Juliette Jagger

Artist: Raw Fabrics’ “gethappy”
Blitz The Queen
This band is LA through and through. Their simplistic lyrics and electro-tinged fuzz-rock sound, make that sometimes crushing part of the chase – the lost late nights, the booze and cigarettes – feel incredibly attractive.

Sounds like: The hook.


Artist: Ghost Loft “So High”
Ghost Loft combines the raw, uninhibited sexuality we have come to expect from Toronto’s The Weeknd, with an echoing scarceness that fulfills a longing we each innately possess.

Sounds like:  Wanting.


Artist: Leftover Cuties “One Heart”
The Spark & The Fire
LA’s Leftover Cuties have crafted themselves a palpable and infectious sound, and smothered it in smoky jazzy heartache.

Sounds like: Jazz-pop.


Artist: Pete Van Dyk & The Second Hand Band “Rise the Falling Sun”
Rise the Falling Sun
Classic raspy voiced, country tinged, down and dirty rock and roll.

Sounds like: A band that enjoys what they do.


Artist: SPiN “Save The Accolades”
Hard To Ignore
This is a good one for anybody out there who was into original NES games and/or 80’s guitar rock solos.

Sounds like: Instrumental.


Brent Chittenden

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