New Music From The Inbox: Seratones, Oh Land,

Artist: Seratones
Song: Gotta Get To Know Ya
Album: Power

This playful and rebellious alt-rock is the first single from Seratones upcoming Sophomore album Power, out August 23rd!


Artist: Oh Land
Album: Family Tree
Song: Family Tree

This beautiful track has a gorgeous sparse arrangement, intimate vocals, and interesting piano chord progressions from Danish composer Nanna Øland Fabricius, better known as Oh Land.


Artist: Petrol Girls
Song: Weather Warning
Album: Cut and Stitch

A raw and powerful punk track from this british feminist post-hardcore band’s sophomore LP Cut & Stitch. 


Artist: Madison McFerrin
Song: Try

A warm and soulful single with electro R&B vibes from Brooklyn one woman band Madison McFerrin.


Artist: Grebes
Song: One Trick Pony
Album: House Creature

One trick pony is a colourful and dynamic dream pop song from Grebes debut album House Creature, out June 28th!


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