New Music from the Inbox: Snail Mail, Astrocolor, Fur, and more!

Artist: Ghostly Kisses
Song: Blackbirds
Album: Heaven, Wait

Dark and ethereal song from Ghostly Kisses new album Heaven, Wait, out January 21!


valentine cover art.jpeg

Artist: Snail Mail
Song: Light Blue
Album: Valentine

Beautifully expressive folk music from Snail Mail’s sophomore album, Valentine, out now!


Artist: Astrocolor
Song: Another Lover
Album: Paradise

Dreamy indie-pop from Astrocolor’s third full length album Paradise, out now!


Artist: Fur
Song: What I Am
Album: When You Walk Away

Uplifting and tender rock song from Fur’s debut album, When You Walk Away, out now!


Artist: Kodiak Arcade
Song: Something Real

Kodiak Arcade explain that this indie rock song is about “the moments where we stop ruminating on the past or planning for the future in favour of being present. It’s also about the futility of trying to have it all. We might not be living the present we envisioned, but it’s what we actually have, and best of all, it’s something real.”


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