New Music from the Inbox: Soccer Mommy, Sasami, Sola Rosa, and more!

Artist: Soccer Mommy
Song: Drive (The Cars cover)
Album: Soccer Mommy & Friends

The Soccer Mommy & Friends single series concludes with a stripped-down cover of The Cars 1984 hit Drive. This version brings a sensitive, laid back atmosphere, making it sound in line with Soccer Mommy’s original works.


Artist: Sasami
Song: Toxicity (System of a Down cover)
Album: Soccer Mommy & Friends

The second of the two-part conclusion of the The Soccer Mommy & Friends single series is Sasami’s take on Toxicity by System of a Down. It’s gentleness and simplicity is in line with the sound of rest of the single series.


Artist: Z Berg
Song: To Forget You
Album: Get Z To A Nunnery

Romantic strings and smoky vocals fill this track with an enchanting magic. Find it on her album Get Z To A Nunnery, out July 10th!


Artist: Dream Nails
Song: Jillian

This fun, sunny punk song is about “coming out whilst working out, and having a crush on celebrity fitness instructor Jillian Michaels.” Find it on their debut self-titled full length, out August 28th!


Artist: Sola Rosa feat. Kevin Mark Trail & Sharlene Hector
Song: For The Might Dollar
Album: Chasing The Sun

This bold funk/soul track is the second single from New Zealand artist Sola Rosa’s forthcoming album, Chasing The Sun, out September 25th!


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