New Music from the Inbox: Tamino, The Happy Fits, Sigrid, and more!

Artist: Tamino
Song: The First Disciple

Tamino’s music is hypnotic and powerful, with a depth that will transport you to another world.


Artist: Boychik
Song: Bombed Out Building

Boychik explains the meaning behind this artful indie-pop song: “Like many people, I live with free-floating anxiety usually based in nothing. But when there is actually something tangible that causes the anxiety, like falling impossibly, painfully in love for the first time, the disquiet has the tendency to spiral out of control. The sheer terror of being in love and the mixture of feelings that ensue: will it suddenly end, will I rely on this person too heavily, a fear of what is meant for the rest of my life looking forward. The lyric opens during an anxious episode and a conversation between me and my lover. To help keep me safe, he reminds me of an emerald gem pulsing with beautiful green light at the center of my being.”


Artist: The Happy Fits
Song: Dance Alone

The Happy Fits explain the meaning behind this exuberant indie-rock song:“It’s easy to say exactly what you want to someone in your mind but feelings can be a lot harder to express when you are face to face with them in reality. This song is one example of my inner dialogue when faced with that exact situation; a love song riddled with self doubt.”


Artist: Chloe Lilac
Song: lily’s backyard

 Chloe Lilac explains that this explosive rock & roll song is “about betrayal. When you let someone in and they let you down.”


Artist: Sigrid
Song: A Driver Saved My Life
Album: How To Let Go

This groovy, undeniable dance hit is from Sigrid’s new album, How To Let Go, out now!


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