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New Music from the Inbox: The Milk Carton Kids, Nana Adjoa, Inner Wave, and more!

Artist: Nana Adjoa
Song: Three
Ep: Down At The Root (Pt. 2)

This genre defying song has an honest, refreshingly unique vibe that is difficult to find. It’s a place that is blissfully safe and warm. Sleepy vocals and the white noise from a computer fan (the delicate Spanish guitar parts were recorded directly into her laptop) add to the intimacy of this song about the connection between Adjoa and her 2 siblings.

Artist: Inner Wave
Song: Whoa

A relaxed song with rhythms that will keep you on your toes and a refusal to stick in one genre. Whoa is right.


Artist: The Milk Carton Kids
Song: Younger Years
Album: All The Things That I Did and All The Things That I Didn’t Do

The Milk Carton Kids make folk music that is just so comforting to listen to. This wistful tune shows off their beautiful harmonies and impressive instrumentation.


Artist: Kingsbury
Song: All Gone

Kingsbury grapples with her fear of death on this gritty synth pop. The enchanting and unique sound of this self-produced track cements Kingsbury’s place as an artist to keep your eyes and ears on.


Artist: Wildhart
Song: Over & Over
Album: Caught In A Fisheye

This Swedish duo’s teetering melodies and rhythms are both intriguing and catchy; captivating in their confusion. This is a track that masterfully balances between the otherworldly and the anthemic.

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