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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (Aug. 20, 2019): Rarity, The Drew Thomson Foundation, Off With Their Heads, & More!

Artist: Rarity
Song: “A Numbness”
Album: Single
Band location: Hamilton

Why I like it: Quick-paced post-hardcore.


Artist: The Drew Thomson Foundation
Song: “Barbed Wire”
Album: Single
Artist location: Toronto 

Why I like it: Catchy and filled with hooks.


Artist: Off With Their Heads
Song: “No Love”
Be Good
Band location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why I like it: Aggressive hardcore.


Artist: Corlyx
Song: “Twist Like An Animal”
Album: Single
Band location: Brighton, England

Why I like it: Dark and edgy.


Artist: Vérité
Song: “Ocean”
Album: Single
Artist location: New York, New York

Why I like it: Powerful voice and flowing lyrics.


Artist: Union Duke
Song: “123”
Album: Single
Band location: Toronto

Why I like it: Rich and vibrant indie folk.

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