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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (Feb 12, 2019): Walking Bicycles, Head Movement, Adia Victoria, & More!

Artist: Walking Bicycles
Song: “Fat Cat”
Album: Single
Band location: Chicago, Illinois 

Why I like it: Quick tempo with gritty guitars and distortion.


Artist: Head Movement
Song: “Sweet”
Album: Single
Band location: Helsinki, Finland 

Why I like it: Pure modern rock


Artist: Adia Victoria
Song: “The Needle’s Eye”
Album: Single
Band location: Nashville, Tennessee

Why I like it: Catchy rhythm that pulls you along.


Artist: Calling All Captains 
Song: “Chasing Ghosts”
Album: Single
Band location: Edmonton 

Why I like it: Fast-paced pop-punk.


Artist: I Was A King
Song: “Hatchet”
Album: Single
Band location: Oslo, Norway 

Why I like it: Fun power pop.


Artist: Moniker
Song: “Tidal Wave”
Album: Single
Band location:  Richmond, Virginia

Why I like it: Upbeat but with dark and moody sounding vocals.


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