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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (Feb. 26, 2019): Cory Wells, Fallen Legion, Sko-Mads, & More!

Artist: Cory Wells
Song: “Patience”
Album: Single
Artist location: Redondo Beach, California

Why I like it: Deeply personal and honest lyrics.


Artist: Fallen Legion
Song: “Monster Reborn”
Album: Single
Band location: Oshawa

Why I like it: Aggressive instrumentals and juxtaposition between dirty and clean vocals.


Artist: Sko-Mads
Song: Facebook Stalker
Album: Single
Band location: London, England

Why I like it: Upbeat and fun ska.


Artist: Paris Street Rebels
Song: “Freakshow”
Album: Single
Band location: Ballingry, Fife, Scotland

Why I like it: Quick tempo and catchy.


Artist: Insomniac Bears
Song: “Passing Trains”
Album: Single
Band location: Norway

Why I like it: Uplifting indie pop.


Artist: Carla Geneve
Song: “2001”
Album: Single
Artist location: Perth, Australia

Why I like it: Powerful female vocals.


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