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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (February 18, 2020): Janus Stark, Digawolf, Calling All Captains, & More!

Janus Stark

Song: “Crucify All the Leaders”
Album: Angel In The Flames
Band location: Peterborough, England
Why I like it: Energetic punk.
Listen here.


Song: “High Arctic”
Album: Single
Artist location: Yellowknife
Why I like it: Upbeat alternative rock blending new and traditional sounds.

Calling All Captains

Song: “Out of My Head”
Album: Single
Band location: Edmonton, Alberta
Why I like it: fun pop-punk.

Amyl And The Sniffers

Song: “Got You”
Album: Single
Band location: Melbourne, Australia
Why I like it: Gritty punk.

Stitched Up Heart

Song: “Straightjacket”
Album: Single
Band location: Hollywood, California
Why I like it: Female fronted hard rock.

Freedom Of The City

Song: “Bad Taste”
Album: Single
Band location: Manchester, England
Why I like it: Catchy indie.

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