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New Music from the Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (Jan 15, 2019): Liya, Natalie Shay, Sarah Potenza, & More!

Artist: Liya
Song: “Listen”
Album: Listen EP
Band location: Tel-Aviv, Israel 

Why I like it: Dark synth pop.


Artist: Natalie Shay
Song: “Yesterday”
Album: Single
Artist location: London, England

Why I like it: Upbeat tempo and powerful female vocals


Artist: Sarah Potenza
Song: “I Work For Me”
Album: Single
Artist location: Nashville, Tennessee

Why I like it: Strong and soulful female vocals with empowering lyrical content


Artist: Our Nameless Boy
Song: “All It Is”
Album: Single
Band location: Bristol, England 

Why I like it: Emotional and introspective lyrics


Artist: Circa Waves
Song: “Movies”
Album: Single
Band location: Liverpool, England 

Why I like it: A fun pop song with a fun music video


Artist: Take The Day
Song: “Song For The Broken”
Album: Single
Band location: Pittsburg, Kansas 

Why I like it: Aggressive and gritty hard rock


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