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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (Jan 22, 2019): The Ninth Wave, The Riven, With Confidence, & More!

Artist: The Ninth Wave
Song: “Half Pure”
Album: Single
Band location: Glasgow, Scotland

Why I like it: Towering 80s-like synths creating a wall of sound.


Artist: The Riven
Song: “Edge of Time”
Album: Single
Band location: Stockholm, Sweden

Why I like it: Heavy, bluesy rock with powerful female vocals

Listen here.

Artist: With Confidence
Song: “Icarus”
Album: Single
Band location: Sydney, Australia

Why I like it: Upbeat pop-punk


Artist: G9
Song: “Soft in the Head”
Album: Single
Band location: Moscow, Russia

Why I like it: Fun, poppy song


Artist: Los Elk
Song: “Say”
Album: Single
Band location: Boston, Massachusetts

Why I like it: Funky, groovy indie


Artist: dodie 
Song: “Human”
Human EP
Artist location: Epping, Essex, England

Why I like it: Soft vocals and sweeping string section


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